Below provides an overview of Innovative Teaching Grants Program.


    Please review Instructional Guide and additional grant resources for detailed information on the application and review process.

    Who is Eligible to Apply?

    Any individual or team of persons employed by Pearland ISD and involved in:

    1. instruction of students, or
    2. providing related support services benefiting students


    Eligible Proposals

    • Projects are designed to begin during 2017-18 school year
    • Positive educational experience for students
    • SMART projects:
      • Are there Specific goals?
      • Are the benefits of the project Measurable?
      • Are the goals Attainable (is this project feasible)?
      • Is the project Relevant to current district objectives?
      • Is the project Time-bound?
      • Is this a new project?


    Steps to Apply

    1. Complete grant application
    2. Application reviewed and signed by representative of Campus Education Improvement Committee
    3. Obtain signature from principal
    4. Submit application to Foundation Office by stated deadline.


    Selection Process

    • Pearland ISD Education Foundation Grant Review Committee reviews submitted applications
    • Grant Review Committee presents recommendations to the Foundation Board of Directors
    • Foundation Board of Directors votes to approve recommended grant awards


    Award Amounts

    Maximum grant amount per application is $2,000

    Up to 4 projects will be selected to receive up to $5,000


    How many grants are awarded?

    This will be dependent on the amount of funds available to the Education Foundation Board of Directors.